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60F and misty

I did a quick little 4 mile run today as my last run before my race challenge this weekend. The temperature dropped from 90 yesterday to 60 today and there was a light mist – made for a speedy little run. I still walked plenty because my legs were pretty grumpy from earlier this week, so my times don’t look great:


But the actual running parts I did around a 9:00 min/mile pace without feeling like I was working hard at all. Hopefully that equates to two new PRs this weekend (8K and half marathon). And yes, my dog is needy. 😉

Lots of stuff on my mind that I need to ramble about, but I’m at work and need to get back to seeing patients!



I finally did my 14 mile run yesterday. It took a long time. I was tired. I was sore. I was hot. I drained my Camelbak by mile 12 and chugged almost a liter of water upon returning to my house. But I did it. I may not have physically needed it for next weekend, but I mentally needed it. I’ve been out of marathon training mode long enough that I forgot just how long those double digit runs can be. Thankfully, next week is a taper week and with a six day stretch of work (a rarity in my field), I am grateful for the shorter runs.

And yes, I am writing this at 3:30am. I’m at squad duty and got hit with horrible restless legs and couldn’t sleep, so I am pacing around the building until… We get a call, or I get sleepy, or it’s 6am and I can go home and sleep in my own bed for a few hours before getting up to go to work. Large quantities of coffee will be needed tomorrow. I have made my peace with that.

I’m still super psyched about getting a particular IV tonight. The patient was quite obese and told me she had bad veins, that she usually gets stuck apart a dozen times and they usually end up calling specialists in to do it. Not really that concerned (hello, I stick babies for a living!), I tied a tourniquet around her arm and felt around a little, feeling what I was pretty sure was a vein, but then looked further up her arm and saw a beautiful straight vein running along her bicep.

Yes. I call veins beautiful. I’m a medic, it’s what I do.

I slipped an IV catheter inside that vein so quickly and smoothly she didn’t feel it. One try thankyouverymuch.

After missing on two teenagers at work this week that should have been easy, I needed that confidence boost, not gonna lie.

I’ve got a lot of career path decisions to make over the next couple of weeks. So much is up in the air and it’s frustrating my very OCD self. So I might not be around much for a little bit.

However, I have also decided to run four marathons next year: a second try at Shamrock in Virginia Beach, the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, and then either the Marine Corps or Baltimore, depending on my luck with the entry lottery, and then Richmond again. It will likely be my favorite marathon forever. It was my first, and the crowd support is beyond amazing. And even though I didn’t grow up here, I love this city. Part of me wants to move elsewhere, and part of me just loves it here too much to leave.

Adulthood sucks.

Good things are happening…

I guess sometimes you need to vent and get all the bad stuff out so the good things can come in? The scale showed a loss today (!), and I had a good run. It was originally 14 miles, but I dropped it to 12 because I got a very exciting phone call during mile 10 (!) and was too bouncy to keep running. When I ran, I maintained my training plan pace… Sorta. It was anywhere from 9:45 to 10:50 depending on whether I was on a hill. I took a lot of walking breaks, but oh well. I think next weekend will go well – I don’t expect to necessarily PR in either distance, but I think the point of doing a challenge race is more doing the two races back to back and doing them well. I have a 14 mile run planned for Friday, and then next week is the taper… Yay! I’m actually excited about a taper right now – so much to do during the day that spending two or three hours on a long run almost gets frustrating.

Keep thinking happy thoughts. It will all be okay. 🙂


I need to vent, I’m sorry. Ignore if you just want to hear happy things.

I’m so damn tired of feeling like I’m not achieving anything. My running is not where I thought it would be by now, speed and mileage-wise. My career seems like a joke. I’ve missed veins on my last two shifts that should have been easy hits. I so desperately want this new job I applied for and I need it financially, but I have no idea if I’m going to get it. My weight keeps slowly creeping up and I feel disgusting. I’m 27 and single thanks to a string of bad relationships and all I want is a husband and children. I feel like my friends are getting tired of me and I’m tired of myself.

Something good needs to happen. I miss being happy.

About that long run

There are two situations where I think it is a bad idea to run (besides an injury or dangerous weather) – bad upper respiratory illnesses (where running will tax your system far too much) and GI issues. Let’s just say I was super nauseated at work yesterday despite taking zofran and my 14 mile run far from my house is sounding like a very bad idea. 😦

Going to move this run to Monday since I work tomorrow and have to be up even earlier to meet coworkers for brunch, and probably end up doing two 14 mile runs next week. Probably not the best idea, but I need the miles (and the stress relief).

On the plus side, this last weekend of rest may be just what my foot needs. It’s been feeling and looking better each day and I haven’t needed to take anything for it for a couple of days.

Trying to stay positive – I am so frustrated with all the setbacks over the last six months. It’s almost worse than an injury (please God I do not want to get a bad injury on top of all this) because I keep thinking I’ll be able to run and I just haven’t been able. I know I am someone that deals with stress in very physical ways, hence why running makes me feel better, but being so stressed out is making more susceptible to all the germs at work which stresses me out when I can’t run which stresses me more… You get the picture. I had such dreams of getting a sub-2:00 half and a 4:00-ish full this year… Maybe this will be the last bout and I can train hard this summer and really rock the fall race season.

In other news, I plan on going to a big outdoor festival today with Maddy and a few friends, so that’ll be a nice change from the constant work of late. Should be lovely sunny weather without being overly hot.

Two runs and a rest

Sorry for being away – I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of days with work and squad. I had a great 7 mile run on Wednesday with some speed work mixed in, followed by a slow and painful 5 miles yesterday. I think I didn’t refuel properly after the first one. Today was a rest day (literally) as I was post squad duty and only slept about 2-3 hours at the station. So I came home and slept for a few more hours before getting up to go to work. Tomorrow is a 14 mile run that I cannot chicken out on – I don’t care if it takes me three hours, I need the mileage!

While I’m looking forward to the races in a few weeks, I’m ready to get back into marathon training right afterwards. The mentality is so different for me and I’m less likely to flake out.


Rest day

So I had an easy five mile run planned for this morning, but then I realized that somehow I was running five days in a row. Coupled with the fact that it was already in the 80s at 9am, I decided to take a day off from running for my legs and my foot and take the rugrat for a walk before it got any hotter.

She was thrilled.

She found lots of new smells, while I sweated.


Then I did some full body strength training, while Maddy watched a squirrel in my neighbor’s roof. Yes, in, not on.

I really hope that squirrel is still alive. Or else it’s going to start to smell, and my neighbor doesn’t live there anymore and is trying to sell his house.

Now I’m at work, and I’m sure Maddy is rearranging all the pillows in my house.

Perhaps I should rename this blog “Maddy’s Daily Adventures.”