Rough 9 Miles

Richmond, like the rest of the country, has had some pretty crazy weather this year. It would be 80 one week over the winter, and then snow the next week. Yesterday, we went from lows 70s all the way up to 90 degrees. So my run today was rough on so many levels. I am doing another “race challenge” at the beginning of June, where I will run an 8K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. Hence, I’m in hardcore half training mode, especially after my miserable race last weekend. In preparation for my run today, I loaded up the Camelbak and grabbed some Shotblocks (I absolutely cannot stomach gels), my Garmin, and my music, and set out for what I had hoped would be a relatively easy 9 miles.

Yeah, not so much. The weird limp run I did on Sunday has caused a lot of pain and some swelling in my left foot, and while I know the best treatment for that is rest, I need my runs or I get really grumpy at work. You don’t want a grumpy medic. Anyhoo, my run was pretty rough – very hot, very slow, lots of walking breaks because of my ankle. But I finished, and sometimes that’s what counts.

I’m trying not to get too frustrated right now. Because of the nasty weather over the winter and me being sick almost constantly, I really didn’t run consistently and I haven’t trained well at all this spring thanks to wonderful Richmond pollen. In addition, I’ve gained about ten pounds over the last year. 😦 I know some of it was marathon muscle, but not all of it, and that’s set off a whole other host of problems. I’m hoping to drop some weight before the Richmond marathon to cut some time off and create a killer new PR. The other thing that’s been a bit of a factor for me is sheer exhaustion for months… But that we’ll talk about another day. I just hope I actually have it in me to take some serious time off my marathon PR. Some days I’m not so sure. :-/


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