Rest day

So I had an easy five mile run planned for this morning, but then I realized that somehow I was running five days in a row. Coupled with the fact that it was already in the 80s at 9am, I decided to take a day off from running for my legs and my foot and take the rugrat for a walk before it got any hotter.

She was thrilled.

She found lots of new smells, while I sweated.


Then I did some full body strength training, while Maddy watched a squirrel in my neighbor’s roof. Yes, in, not on.

I really hope that squirrel is still alive. Or else it’s going to start to smell, and my neighbor doesn’t live there anymore and is trying to sell his house.

Now I’m at work, and I’m sure Maddy is rearranging all the pillows in my house.

Perhaps I should rename this blog “Maddy’s Daily Adventures.”


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