About that long run

There are two situations where I think it is a bad idea to run (besides an injury or dangerous weather) – bad upper respiratory illnesses (where running will tax your system far too much) and GI issues. Let’s just say I was super nauseated at work yesterday despite taking zofran and my 14 mile run far from my house is sounding like a very bad idea. 😦

Going to move this run to Monday since I work tomorrow and have to be up even earlier to meet coworkers for brunch, and probably end up doing two 14 mile runs next week. Probably not the best idea, but I need the miles (and the stress relief).

On the plus side, this last weekend of rest may be just what my foot needs. It’s been feeling and looking better each day and I haven’t needed to take anything for it for a couple of days.

Trying to stay positive – I am so frustrated with all the setbacks over the last six months. It’s almost worse than an injury (please God I do not want to get a bad injury on top of all this) because I keep thinking I’ll be able to run and I just haven’t been able. I know I am someone that deals with stress in very physical ways, hence why running makes me feel better, but being so stressed out is making more susceptible to all the germs at work which stresses me out when I can’t run which stresses me more… You get the picture. I had such dreams of getting a sub-2:00 half and a 4:00-ish full this year… Maybe this will be the last bout and I can train hard this summer and really rock the fall race season.

In other news, I plan on going to a big outdoor festival today with Maddy and a few friends, so that’ll be a nice change from the constant work of late. Should be lovely sunny weather without being overly hot.


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