I finally did my 14 mile run yesterday. It took a long time. I was tired. I was sore. I was hot. I drained my Camelbak by mile 12 and chugged almost a liter of water upon returning to my house. But I did it. I may not have physically needed it for next weekend, but I mentally needed it. I’ve been out of marathon training mode long enough that I forgot just how long those double digit runs can be. Thankfully, next week is a taper week and with a six day stretch of work (a rarity in my field), I am grateful for the shorter runs.

And yes, I am writing this at 3:30am. I’m at squad duty and got hit with horrible restless legs and couldn’t sleep, so I am pacing around the building until… We get a call, or I get sleepy, or it’s 6am and I can go home and sleep in my own bed for a few hours before getting up to go to work. Large quantities of coffee will be needed tomorrow. I have made my peace with that.

I’m still super psyched about getting a particular IV tonight. The patient was quite obese and told me she had bad veins, that she usually gets stuck apart a dozen times and they usually end up calling specialists in to do it. Not really that concerned (hello, I stick babies for a living!), I tied a tourniquet around her arm and felt around a little, feeling what I was pretty sure was a vein, but then looked further up her arm and saw a beautiful straight vein running along her bicep.

Yes. I call veins beautiful. I’m a medic, it’s what I do.

I slipped an IV catheter inside that vein so quickly and smoothly she didn’t feel it. One try thankyouverymuch.

After missing on two teenagers at work this week that should have been easy, I needed that confidence boost, not gonna lie.

I’ve got a lot of career path decisions to make over the next couple of weeks. So much is up in the air and it’s frustrating my very OCD self. So I might not be around much for a little bit.

However, I have also decided to run four marathons next year: a second try at Shamrock in Virginia Beach, the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, and then either the Marine Corps or Baltimore, depending on my luck with the entry lottery, and then Richmond again. It will likely be my favorite marathon forever. It was my first, and the crowd support is beyond amazing. And even though I didn’t grow up here, I love this city. Part of me wants to move elsewhere, and part of me just loves it here too much to leave.

Adulthood sucks.


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