Run For The Dream Half Marathon

When last we spoke, I had finished the 8K and felt pretty good. The half… Yeaaaah.

The race started at 7am in Williamsburg, so in order for me to get myself together and out the door in time to handle any traffic or parking issues, I had an early wake up:


They changed where we parked the second day, so there was quite a walk with no signs or people to direct you and a bunch of us got lost. Finally, finally I made it and sat around waiting for the start (I’m not a run around/warm up like a crazy person. Maybe I should. They tend to run faster than me). While waiting, I nearly got peed on by someone’s dog. Like millimeters away. Thanks…

Waiting in the corrals, some people in front of me and some people behind me realized they knew each other and started shouting at each other for the next fifteen minutes rather than take their damn earphones out and speak like normal people. So my head started pounding and I just wanted to run.

Finally, we crossed the start line and started running. The course was okay. Pretty hilly, lots of major roads where I felt bad for the traffic that was being held up for hours, except for the two miles or so on a trail (again?!? Why do they not tell you about these things ahead of time?) Not much in historic Williamsburg. It was hot and I was tired and mentally just wasn’t in it. The runners around me were pretty rude – stopping suddenly at a water stop and nearly causing a crash of people, knocking water and Gatorade everywhere instead of slowing down to take the cup from a volunteer, trying to dump water on themselves and missing, soaking me instead, that kind of thing.

Needless to say, I was getting annoyed. Plus, my stomach was pretty rumbly, and I admit I’m used to getting a little gas while running. Let’s just say that for the last couple of miles, I wasn’t sure it was gas. Thankfully, that’s what it ended up being…. And we’ll leave it at that.

The last two miles were on the W&M campus and I was pretty spent here. I was annoyed and hot and tired, and I just wanted to be done. I had paced to PR for much of the race, but thanks to the aforementioned issues, I slowed down a bit. I finished at 2:17:41, a 10:31 pace. I wanted to do better than that, but considering I had run pretty fast the day before, and how hilly this course was… It was only a few seconds slower than my first half in October, and that one was flat, so I’ve definitely improved.


I liked the medal a lot. Very historic-y looking. 🙂

I trudged back to my car, just wanting to sleep and eat and shower and I didn’t care what order it was in. The rest of the day was spent icing, eating, and sleeping…



I’m pretty frustrated with my lack of speed and energy while running, but I have some theories on that. I will get faster. Somehow.


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