Big Girl Job

I’m going to have a big girl job! I interviewed last week and received an offer the next day!

I’m so overcome with emotion right now. I actually had accepted an offer doing critical care transports that I would start on Wednesday, but this job opened up after I had accepted the offer, and this is more of a “career” versus a “get me out of here” kind of job change. I’m trying to see if I could get a part time gig with the transport company, but I doubt that will happen.

This job comes with an office. My own office. How crazy is that? And I will actually make enough money. It is a big, big deal to get in with this particular place. I’m still going to be in EMS, just a different side of it. I will still pull my volunteer shifts and pick up shifts at the pediatric urgent care that I was already at. Yes, I know I do too much. But it keeps me happy!

I don’t know my start date yet. She said I could start as soon as I want (and my last day as a full time person at my old job was two days ago). If I can go part time at the other place, I kinda want to go through their orientation first. If not, I just want a day or two of freedom and then I’m ready. Well, really, I would love like two weeks off, but my bank account would not enjoy that. 😦

Because I’m going to be going back to a Monday-Friday schedule, I’m going to have to figure out how to still run. On the plus side, it’s so stinking hot here, I want to run early in the morning. And my long runs can actually be on the weekends.

The other thing that makes me slightly nervous is that since it’s an office job, I won’t be as active during the day. So I splurged and bought a FitBit One. I’ve had it for all of 12 hours, so I still need to work out some kinks, but I like it. Just being on duty tonight I’ve already climbed several flights of stairs and walked a couple of miles. I think it’ll hold me more accountable because I am very goal- and number-oriented. Plus you can kinda compete with other people using the app. I know a lot of people found the Flex easier to wear (I have this thing clipped on my bra), but this is way more accurate. I won’t use it while I run – I want this to just be a way to stay active all day. Anyway, full review coming soon.


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