Monthly Archives: August 2014

6 miles on a weekday

So most days before work I am only getting in 2-3 miles. I’m having problems getting out of bed when my alarm goes off (5am is sooooo early!), so by the time I actually get up, I have limited time to run before walking Maddy and then showering and hurrying my butt to work.

But today was different. 🙂

I had a state committee meeting to go to, and because of where that meeting was, versus where my office is and where I actually live, it made more sense for me to go to the meeting and then to the office. So not only did I get to sleep in a little, but I had time to knock out six miles.

It. Was. Awesome.

The only bad part is that I think I’ve lost some fitness. I can do my long runs and all, but I need a LOT of walking breaks. I think I’m actually going to do some of the couch-to-5K app stuff during the week just to mentally build myself back up to more uninterrupted running.

In other news, I really like my job. 🙂 Some parts of frustrating and it’s definitely not as exciting as actually being out on the street, but I love who all I’m getting to meet and what I’m involved in. I get to see how EMS changes at the national and state level and how we filter it down to the different agencies. It’s really, really cool.