Richmond Marathon Expo

I went to the race expo for the Richmond Marathon today after work. Thankfully, I got there right as they opened, so I was in and out pretty fast. I actually don’t like expos that much. I’m usually stressed out already over travel and race day logistics, and I just want to runnnnn. I don’t need ten thousand expensive gadgets and five different things with the race name on it, especially if it ends up being a race I’d rather forget.

But I found a non-dated item that I fell in love with:

And since I ran it last year, it’s more about the race as a whole than any specific year… Especially since this is probably going to be bad on Saturday. It’s going to be COLD. And my training has really suffered lately. Plus, a recent ankle sprain and then sporadic knee pain aaaaand Aunt Flo visiting? Yeah, I just want to cross the finish line in one piece.

Guess we’ll see. I still have to get through another rough day at work tomorrow (I still love my job. Just some crazy politics going on right now)…


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