2014 Richmond Marathon

Ooooh Richmond… You will forever be my favorite marathon…

But it was soooo cold this year! It was in the 20s at the start and that was the coldest for this race in 15 years! Why do I never get “good” race weather?

After twisting my ankle a few weeks before the race and then having the triumphant return of my knee pain, i debated pulling out of the race. But I didn’t want to waste all the training, so I decided to go for it anyway, knowing that I wouldn’t push myself.

I started out by stressing about my phone not picking up Pandora, and spent the first couple of miles trying to warm up and get into my groove. On the plus side, my legs were so cold I couldn’t feel any shin splints!

I knew my biggest problem at races is not fueling like I trained, so I tend to bonk. I actually did pretty well fueling every three miles and just tried to keep from running too fast.

Overall, I felt like the race was flying by. I remembered the course pretty well from last year, and I think that definitely helped. Unfortunately, around mile 22, I just got soooooo tired that I wanted to take a nap on the side of the road. I couldn’t run more than a few minutes without getting exhausted again.


Not my best photo! But that was around mile 25 and I was clearly tired.

Finally, I got to the last half mile or so which is all downhill. I found out I still had a little steam left and started passing people and finally crossed the finish at 04:41:51.

My slowest marathon yet, but I also know I was trying not push it. I’m disappointed, but I’m hoping to reevaluate my training (and my rest days!) and have a great year next year. I just have two short, fun, Christmas-themed races next month and I am looking forward to them!



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