On skipping races

So I was supposed to head out to Virginia Beach today for the Surf ‘n’ Santa 5 Miler. The race was supposed to start at 4:30p, so I was going to leave Richmond around noon and head back after the race.

However, I was exhausted when I woke up this morning. I planned to run a few miles this morning just to work out some kinks before making the trip. But every step felt like it took so much work, I couldn’t imagine racing with this complete lack of energy. Plus, I was starting to dread spending 4-5 hours in the car for what would be about 45 minutes of running.

The only reason I really wanted to do this race was because it was in the evening, so you could run under the Christmas lights on the boardwalk. I decided that it wasn’t worth the trip, seeing as the drive would stress me out and I mentally wasn’t in the mood to race.

It was also cold as heck today, and the wind is way worse on the boardwalk.

Having seen some pictures from the race posted on Facebook, I think I made the right decision. It wasn’t even dark, so the lights weren’t as impressive. And everyone looked really cold…

I made the decision some time ago that traveling for a race had to be a half marathon or greater for me to stay in a hotel; anything else had to involve friends and/or a day trip. I think it’s served me well.

I ended up skipping three races this year. Nothing over a 10K, so I didn’t lose too much in race fees. But I feel like sometimes you have to just give up.

So I guess that’s all the more racing I’ll be doing until February. Time to get my groove back and let my body recover a bit. With work and holiday things and squad stuff, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle at the same time. I am exhausted and I am soooo glad that after Monday and Tuesday, I do not have to go to work until the Monday after New Year’s. I still have a random PRN shift and a squad shift in there, but for the most part… Just me and my dog and my pillow and my sneakers…

I’ll try to start posting about more than just running. Or, you know, posting with some regularity…


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