Monthly Archives: April 2015

So I’m a slacker…

Sorry, y’all… Real life has kept me pretty busy lately. Let’s recap really fast, eh?

Love Rox Half Marathon 2015

This winter sucked and it actually snowed the day before this race. We ended up having to dodge several icy patches and an entire road was flooded at one point because it’s Richmond and it was in the 50s by the end of the race. Final time was 2:22:17 – pretty damn slow for me, but I’ll be honest, I really didn’t train over the winter like I should have. Not a bad medal, though, and thankfully they made them different for each length race instead of the combined medal they did last year (it matters!).  

Shamrock Marathon

UGH! I hated this race last year and only did it again this year because I thought last year’s weather was why it sucked (wind chill in the 30s). Nope, just a boring race with little crowd support. Gorgeous weather, though… But not doing this one again unless I drunkenly sign up. Surprisingly I never hit the wall during the race, but I was just tired the entire time… 4:57:17 (ouch!).

Monument Avenue 10K

This was 6 days after Shamrock and I was still wiped… My legs cramped up early and I was just tired… Not my best 10K time at 1:02:42 and it was freezing outside! But they did medals this year which I loved! 

Hopefully my next marathon next weekend will go a little better. I’m looking forward to starting over on marathon training and building a better base. Plus, training for my first triathlon!

More to come, just had to bring this up to speed.